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Over the last decade, I've worked across a range of industries solving problems through design. At the core of what I do is help companies solve problems within a digital landscape. It brings me joy to partner with companies to work through their pain points, and put in place a game plan, and create what they need. Once, it's out there for people to use, iterate and improve on those metrics to generate the most value as possible.

Believe it or not, I got into digital design & development by accident. I originally wanted to get involved with game design, but when I went back to college the closest path they had at the time was Interactive Media & Design, which I fell in love with once I dove into it. Over the past decade, I've been refining my experience and bringing value to companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes.

My career started later than most. When I graduated high school I was trying to get into music school which didn't pan out. Instead, I ended up working a range of jobs, while trying to figure out what was next for my life. Before going back to college in my early twenties, I was a cashier, overnight stock boy, tire tech, skateboard shop employee, grocery department supervisor, meat department supervisor, and lastly a school photography assistant.

In my third semester of college, I was ready to get my hands dirty so to speak. I researched local companies who were in the web design space and emailed a few of them. Through hard work and persistence, I got my first job as a front-end developer at a web design agency, Breakthrough Design Group.

There I spent my time and energy building websites for a range of companies from small local non-profits to start-ups to corporations. Throughout my time there, I learned the basics of how to refine companies digital presence, build and launch their websites and applications, and grow their traffic and optimize conversions through experimentation and search engine optimization.

After a few years, I wanted to see if I could land a higher profile opportunity. By chance, I found a company called Omada Health. I flew out to San Francisco for an interview and two weeks later, with only a backpack and my dog, I was on my way to SF. It was a golden opportunity and one that skyrocketed my career.

At Omada Health, I started as their first front-end engineer, working on building their digital health platform tackling chronic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes. We were creating a platform that can scale to help negate this 21st-century health issue, which affects 1 in 4 human beings. Throughout my time at Omada, I worked on a range of projects from building the UI and UX of their platform to optimizing user flows, to growing a small team of front-end engineers and partnering with product and marketing to create products and features they needed to grow and scale the company.

As we scaled the company, I became focused on solving a problem that we had there. We had a whole slew of back-end engineers, a few front-end engineers, and even fewer designers. There had to be a way to scale our design & front-end code, I thought. That's when I started to get interested in design systems and scaling design. This ultimately led me to Twitter. By the time I left Omada, we went from ~30 employees to 300, a couple of thousand participants in the program to almost ~100,000, in just a few short years.

Design systems, lead me to Twitter. I was hired on to help build out and work with a small team of designers to focus on design systems and tooling. The ultimate goal was to create consistency between their multiple web & mobile platforms. Our work as a team helped launch documentation & design standards that the design org used to think about how to approach design patterns at Twitter.

Our job was to help reduce extraneous work that could be automated through tools, help educate through documentation and guidelines, and develop systems that allow for better communication between designers & engineers. All of this has lead Twitter to reduce & simplify as well as bring a greater level of consistency to the end users, across the multiple platforms.

I've been fortunate to work with incredible businesses, solving problems of all sizes. As I continue to expand and refine my skillset, I look for companies who are interested in solving problems with a focus on design. If that is you, Let's talk.


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From startups to corporations, I partner with brands to craft digital solutions to solve business problems while improving the users experience.